Current trends in window cleaning at height

High-rise window cleaning

Windows cleaning at height is not an easy task to carry out. This has several risks and complications that only professionals can deal with. To carry out window cleaning at height, you must have the help of a professional who is trained to perform the task. It is not at all easy to be many meters high cleaning the windows. You can run into a series of difficulties that we prepare professionals for all of these.

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With window cleaning at height, it cannot be taken lightly. There are many methods and ways of how to clean these crystals at height. It depends on the height we are talking about. If the height at which the cleaning has to be carried out is not greater than 20 meters, we can carry the cleaning out using poles, platforms or ladders manipulated from the ground. When we talk about heights greater than 20 meters, go to cranes to achieve the desired elevation.

For the workers who carry out the cleaning of the windows, the first thing is safety. It is quite dangerous to be at such high heights since if an accident occurs; it is most likely to be fatal. To prevent workers from feeling insecure, they at all times use a harness that helps them to be insured.

Importance of window cleaning at height

Many wonders if it is really important to clean high-rise windows since everyone sees it as something only aesthetic. The cleaning of the windows is important since if the buildings have a bad external appearance, they stop having a relevant view for those who see it. Outward appearance is of great importance.

To save electricity, it is of the utmost importance that we keep the windows clean. If the windows are dirty, they do not allow light from outside to enter the interior of the building. As it is necessary to keep the internal part of the building illuminated, the lights have to be turned on this way. This generates an expense of electricity and consequently of money.

How does this type of cleaning work?

This is a job that has a high percentage of risk. It is not very difficult to explain what it comprises. It is only about sanitizing and improving the aesthetics of buildings and constructions that have glass facades. To carry out this work, the first thing that must be taken into account is that you must look for a cleaning company that offers professional high-rise window cleaning services.

Having already the professional team that is going to carry out the cleaning, you will see how they prepare the tools to which they will use to achieve the performance of the service.

Depending on the characteristics of the crystals to be cleaned, they will look for the right tools. There are several types of materials for each type of glass surface. The height at which the cleaning tasks will be carried out is also considered for the work.

The cleaning company can resort to the use of tools such as platforms, ladders or even cranes. All this in order to get to the place where you want the cleaning service to be performed. High-rise window cleaning also depends on weather conditions. If the weather is not the most suitable, the cleaning tasks cannot be carried out.

Who needs a window cleaning at height?

The ones that come most in search of this service are companies with glass buildings that have large and large windows in them. In most cases, these windows are on the outside of the building, being exposed to the elements. Being exposed to the elements, they get dirty easily, and that is why they have to be given a good cleaning.

For building owners, it is of utmost value and importance that their buildings have a good appearance. For this, we must keep the windows on the outside of the buildings clean so that they look good at all times. The appearance of the structures has great relevance in how the business itself is seen.

Having the glass of the building dirty prevents light from entering the interior efficiently. That the light from the outside does not enter the interior in an adequate and effective way generates a higher electrical cost. Because you have to use electric light to illuminate the interior at all times.

Tools for cleaning windows at height

To achieve a better cleaning in the crystals in height, use a series of tools that help to facilitate the work. We created these tools in order to minimize the difficulty of the tasks that need execution. Many of the tools used in window cleaning work at height have a variety of sizes, uses, and purposes. Among the implements used for cleaning are:

  • Ladders
  • platforms
  • Chemical products for more specific dirt.
  • harness.
  • Soft bristle brushes.
  • Cleaning cloths.
  • water sprinklers
  • poles
  • Cleaning rollers.
  • Soap-based solutions.
  • Quick-drying window cleaning detergent.
  • Microfiber squeegee
  • Baize
  • Telescopic handle.
  • Paper towels.


Without the proper cleaning tools, we will not achieve the job to the desired quality. For this reason, go in search of a company that not only offers you high-rise window cleaning services.  Also that you have the tools to carry out the work with the quality that you want it to have.

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