Lamppost Advertising Guarantees That Clients Will Notice Your Business

Are you not getting clients because they don’t even realise that they exist? Lamppost advertising will ensure that your business is recognized in the local area. This can increase the visibility of your brand and increase the number of clients.

Enhance Your Visibility

Lamppost Banners advertising is located in the most desirable locations within the city, along busy roads as well as in business parks. Additionally, lamppost advertisements are visible throughout the day and evening.

This can quickly increase brand awareness and increase brand popularity and increase confidence in your business. 97% of people are familiar with lamp post advertising and discover that this advertising channel is very appealing to the viewer.

Enhance Customer Traffic And Increase Sales Effortlessly

It is important that your customers are able to access your business more easily and frequently. This will increase your customer number as well as your profits. 75% of people use the information about routes in advertisements for lamp posts.

The Engine That Powers The Impulse Visit

More visitors attracted to stop by because of the better visibility for locals 24/7. You are able to secure the top areas with a large number of people passing by in the zone for your office.

What Are The Benefits Of Why You Should Consider Lamppost Advertising Banner

In the beginning, let me show you a few advantages of a lamppost banner.


If you are looking to reduce your costs, then this is one of your concerns, then Lamp banners on your posts are the most affordable way to reach your goals in the market.


Lamp post banners work like mini billboards which can target specific areas. The more lamp posts you place up, the higher will be the recall of your brand.


It’s a great medium to target an exact location. A concentrated effort will yield results particularly when you’re focused on a particular area.

What factors do you consider when you are running a lamp posting banners as part of your campaign?

High Traffic

Find the area that receives the most foot traffic. Places to be strategic in the most densely populated areas.


It is important to consider the size of the market, as well as its size. The larger an area the more the amount of marketing funds needed.


It is essential to plan the execution of your campaign to coincide with periods of high levels of pedestrians.

These are the months when there is a significant spike in foot traffic, for instance, the start of school, the time of vacation (only is applicable to summer destinations or vacation destinations) , festivals, the holiday season when the majority of consumers are out shopping.


Think about your industry in relation to the regions you are targeting. It is not a good idea to install banners for lamp posts on a space that is located near corporate offices, even if your brand is targeted at hog and swine raisers.


Taking into account the factors above it is important to establish your budget at least 10-20 units per square. The more extensive your brand’s scope, the more money you will need.

Lamppost Advertising

Lamppost advertising is among the most effective ways to place your business bar, shop, or restaurant in the spotlight.

You can reach a lot of people for an affordable cost. Lamppost advertising isn’t too invasive and can be seen throughout the day. Furthermore, lamppost advertising allows you to easily show the proper route to your business.

Lamppost Indications

The lampposts of towns and villages are all over the place. It is logical to add signage to lamp posts that have lots of cyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles pass.

They could be lampposts along an area with a lot of traffic or a busy roundabout, or near an important road.

Lamp Posts that are near buildings with a lot of attention and near tourist sites as well as at business parks are suitable. Lampposts are by the streetlight that means they’re in view at night.

Lamppost Advertising: Cost And Advantages

How much is advertising by lampposts? The cost depends in part on the quantity of signposts as well as the size of the signs, their location and the length of the advertising campaign.

Cost-benefit studies show the effectiveness of outdoor advertisements as among the most effective channels for advertising. Signs on lampposts draw the interest of thousands of pedestrians each day, for the price of a pizazz.

Furthermore, lamppost advertising isn’t seen as a source of annoyance. Advertising on lampposts is merely an element of the streetscape. Furthermore the advertising on lampposts is not able to be access as TV or online advertisements.

The Way To Go For Your Company

Lamppost signs let you guide your visitors and customers to your establishment. Put your advertisement on lampposts located in the vicinity and direct prospective customers, hungry drivers , and people who are looking to spend money to your business or hospitality establishment, shop or.

Additionally, it will boost the visibility of your business. The installation of eye-catching lampposts within near to the location of your business will surely increase your visitors numbers.

The Benefits Of PVC Banners

PVC banners have distinctive advantages that make them among the most attractive and popular marketing techniques in the world. Our clients are raving about our banners for advertising their businesses and why you should too:

PVC Banners Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes And Are Extremely Adaptable

When you’re advertising a limited time deal, promoting an event, or establishing brand recognition, PVC banners grab the interest of people who pass by on the scaffolding, on business premises along with roadside fences.

PVC Banners Are Tough And Waterproof

PVC banners (also called banners made of vinyl) are lightweight, strong and weatherproof making them suitable for outdoor and indoor advertising. For banners that are durable and durable we make use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is flexible and strong simultaneously.

The majority of the uses for banners is outside and the greatest risk to its longevity is weather. PVC banners tend to be less vulnerable to tears in eyes (than typical banners) as well as safeguard your designs from the rain’s damaging effects.

PVC Banners Are Powerful Advertising

As of now, you’ve witness the way banners can be utilise practically everywhere, even in harsh weather conditions.

All this is unimportant if they fail to do what they’re suppose to do be able to do – draw attention, inform prospective customers, and then convert them into clients.

With the proper design with the right design, a PVC banner can be a highly effective and effective way to connect to people and influencing people to pay attention.

PVC Banners Are Reasonably Priced

Advertising can be expensive, and people don’t want to spend more than is necessary. One of the greatest advantages of the PVC banner is the fact that it offers incredible benefits at a low cost.

Anywhere you choose to use PVC banners; Wide Tension PVC Banner delivers high quality advertising for an affordable cost.

If you have a banner that can last for a long period and is affordable, you only need to invest an amount to reap the benefits in the future. That’s why even the most modest organisations, single event promoters and charitable organisations continue to utilise our banners on a daily basis.

If you’re organising a sale for your company or are looking for an inexpensive, high impact method to display a message at an event at home There’s no better option to do it than using PVC banners.

Why Do You Need PVC Banners?

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride – is extremely versatile. It can be utilise for a variety of industrial and consumer products. Shower curtains, window frames as well as indoor plumbing to raincoats.

Its ability to be lightweight and produce rigidly in a flexible, plasticise form makes it a truly versatile material.

This innovation led to PVC insulation wires being utilise in shock-absorbing seals and various other products. In 1930, it was the time that Union Carbide Corporation introduce Vinylite discs that from an emulsion of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride.

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